Trade e-Gold to Real Gold

We have passed the space age, the information age and now comes the Gold Age. When President Nixon was accused of crimes against his nation, the main crime he committed was not set right. He took away the gold standard. Many people have realized that governments and Reserve Banks have been printing money and depreciating your currency as a result.

Both you and I know that fixed assets, property, and gold are appreciative in value but dangerous to keep as well as require continuous safeguarding and maintenance.

We now have the best of both worlds. We have a blockchain that cannot be hacked because there are millions of people who keep the same copy of the blockchain every minute of the day so even if China had to switch off their internet for one day or a week there would still be backups elsewhere and even if the whole worlds internet was switched off there are thousands of servers storing a backup and they are all storing the exact same thing.

Where does this leave us? We now have a place to store our wealth safely online and now even store 10 bars of gold on a flash drive and elsewhere.

Besides the safety factors, we will teach you online/ one on one or on a  flash disk to trade and make that more on a daily/weekly or monthly basis.

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